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Laughter filled the air as the children jumped here and there trying to catch the elusive bubbles dancing on the breeze just out of reach. The spheres glistened iredescently in the summer sun, the colors swirling in liquid motion. A golden haired girl climbed onto a chair in order to stretch higher, her pudgy little fingers ineffectively grasping at the air. They all laughed at the challenge.

The older boy stood atop the play structure blowing the bubbles as high as he could. His dark eyes twinkled each time the currents swept them higher and higher, free from the destructive hands of the others below. The others didn't know the value of the fragile globes. With each breath, he blew in his hopes and dreams. He set them free, knowing that each one that reached the stars would come true. They would be heard in the heavens, the songs of his heart.

He willed them higher and higher away from the others, the ones that weren't shunning him at the moment. The ones who wanted to pop the transparent domes only because doing so would make him cry. He closed his eyes as he gently breathed his final wish into the last bubble. It began to rise with the flow of the air, spiraling upwards in wide circles. His smile grew broad as he tipped his head back to watch. The children's laughter faded away as the boy's heart song grew stronger. His heart filled with hope, knowing that his wish would be granted.

THWACK! He felt a sharp sting on his head, and caught the blur of gray rocketing upwards. He watched in horror as the rock cut down his precious bubble, the remaining soapy threads rocked back and forth as they fell empty to the ground. His eyes clouded over as he turned to the laughing group, trying unsuccessfully to hide the pain in his soul. The boy who threw the stone laughed harshly as the tears began to fall. The others laughed too, until She came hurrying over to put an end to the taunting.

She shooed them away. She gently cleansed the wound on his head, softly murmuring to him that things would be all right. She enfolded him into her arms, wiped his tears, and kissed the top of his aching head. She could not soothe his aching spirit, for his heart song was lost on the wind.

She would never become his mother.

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