Anti-Flag is At it Again

Anti-Flag is officially releasing their fifth album, Mobilize, on February 12th, 2002. The album consists of 8 new studio-recorded tracks, along with live versions of 8 of their most popular works to date. The live tracks are supposed to have been recorded at shows that they advertised for that purpose. Also included in the package is a "sampler" of AF Records' currently signed bands, with 2 tracks from each on the disc.

From the band's page (
With the start of 2002, Anti-Flag are once again poised to hit the road in support their agressive new release, their fifth full length album titled, MOBILIZE. In classic Anti-Flag "peace punk" fashion, this recording is not just a collection of songs, but instead a timely call for peace, equality, and unity among the peoples of the world. This album is made special because it features 8 new studio tracks including "911 for Peace", Anti-Flag's statement regarding the hideous September 11th attacks on the United States, plus 8 live recordings of Anti-Flag classics including, "Die for the Government", "A New Kind of Army", and "Underground Network". The live portion of this cd is unique because it was recorded to function as a time capsule regarding current world events and as a documentation of the community that has sprung up around the music of Anti-Flag.

The track list::
  1. 911 for Peace*
  2. Mumia's Song*
  3. What's the Difference?*
  4. We Want to Be Free*
  5. NBC (No Blood-thirsty Corporations)*
  6. Right to Choose*
  7. We Don't Need It*
  8. Anatomy of Your Enemy*
  9. Underground Network
  10. Tearing Everyone Down
  11. Bring Out Your Dead
  12. A New Kind of Army
  13. Their System Doesn't Work for You
  14. Free Nation
  15. Spaz's House Destruction Party
  16. You've Got to Die for the Government

* indicates a new track

Mob"i*lize (?), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Mobilized (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Mobilizing (?).] [F. mobiliser.]

To put in a state of readiness for active service in war, as an army corps.


© Webster 1913.

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