There is a spider inside me, that seeks to capture others.
Weaving a web between my heart and the hearts of all I know
clambering over the threads that bind us.
Everyone is included in this woven fate
those who leave quickly tear the strands asunder
some stay longer, thickening their strings
when they leave they take pieces of me with them
so strongly they have adhered.
Many batted the spider away, or tried only to crush it,
and so the cords never grasped tightly to them.
In this way the years passed.
So the web grew larger and smaller, and my heart grew pitted with scars and slight with stolen affection.
One day, a new sensation.
A silent shuddering.
Looking down, a thread of a different hue
extended from me to another
as a silkworm inched its way from me back to you.
And inside my chest, my broken heart, enveloped in silken sunlight.
You’d snared me, entrapped me, entranced me
you so full of love that you drew all the world into your cocoon
to be transformed into something beautiful
something more.
For all the people I’d cared for, sent out my spider
and been tied to
you were the first to draw me in and bind me,
to surround me with your protection and kindness.
To wrap me up in caring and love, without expectation or condition.
And so you have saved my dying flesh from further weal or woe
as the web pulls only on the cocoon you’ve spun around me,
stronger by far than I.
And in the center of our strand, a spider and a silkworm dance cautiously around each other
trying to understand the strange sight before them.

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