Run away, quick fox back through the brush
reach your den, hide away safe and sound.
Nothing harsh and cold can reach your soul
falling snow can only punish the ground.

Fly so fast now,
out the door.
Never look back you might lose track of its allure.
Put on your false grin,
knowing you can’t go back again
quiet waves may have erased the only shore;
don’t forget the ones
that you left behind in your broken seasons

Forgotten lands of shifting sand
are screaming white underneath the frozen sun
how slow we walked then as we talked
our hearts entwined as time itself comes undone

Jump away quick now, off the cliff

cannot escape yourself no matter how you wish.
Have to get down from here someday
down from this field in which you lay
scattered souls falling down and tossing you around;
keep your heart, inside,
safe from all of this worlds many tricks or treasons

Such a scilliant world of pain and pearls

that we build, as we all soon fall apart.
Trees bend and break, our thirsts they slake
burning down, all the things that make us small.

Break yourself down,
and your friends.
Do all you can to keep all of your pain within.
Scream to the skies that hold you down
keep to yourself to win somehow
always remember all the things you lost back then;
This is all, there is, so don’t pick the wrong prize or forget your reasons.

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