A leading manufacturer of firearms for both military and civilian applications, Heckler & Koch have a built a reputation of high-quality, reliable and effective firearms. Heckler & Koch are manufacturers of popular weapons as the MP5/10 submachinegun, the G3 rifle and the USP Tactical pistol.

Heckler & Koch was founded in 1949 by former Mauser engineers Edmund Heckler, Theodore Koch and Alex Siedel and registered in Germany in 1950 as "Heckler & Koch GmbH". Initially, the company focused on the manufacture of goods that were most in demand post-war such as bicycle and sewing machine spare parts.

The company's first foray into weapons manufacturing came in 1956 when H&K decided to tender for the new infantry rifle for the German army and succeeded with the G3 rifle. In the mid-1960s, H&K introduced the Machine Pistole 5 (or MP5) submachinegun. This compact & reliable is the most popular submachinegun in the world and has been adopted as standard equipment by many military, counter-terrorist and law enforcement groups as well as appearing in countless movies and games. In 1991, H&K became part of the British Aerospace/Royal Ordnance company. In 1995, the company tendered once again to supply new weapons to the German army and were successful with the P8 pistol and G36 rifle.

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