KaZaA Lite1 is a non-spyware version of the KaZaA2 file sharing program created by Sharman Networks3. This version of the popular software was allegedly created by a Moscow resident who uses the name "Yuri", and has been stripped of many "features" that made KaZaA such an annoying piece of software for many of its users. For example, the constant rotating ads and pop-up windows are gone, as is the button that takes you to the BonziBUDDY4 software download page.

Sharman Networks is claiming that the original version of KaZaA had no spyware components. On their site5, they have the following:

"No application included with your KMD installation, or the KMD itself, collects personally identifiable information about users without their consent."

Of course the problem with this is that by properly installing the software, you have given Sharman Networks permission through the EULA to collect personal information, use pop-up ads and several other things. It has been said that the sentence structure used in KaZaA's EULA are more complex than those found in U.S. tax forms.6

1 This software can be downloaded from http://www.kazaalite.com/ - This site is run by a Scottish university student named Shaun Garriock, who says he receives software updates by anonymous e-mail from Yuri.

2 The original version of the software can be downloaded from http://www.kazaa.com/

3 http://www.sharmannetworks.com/

4 http://www.bonzi.com/

5 http://www.kazaa.com/en/privacy/spyware.htm

6 http://news.com.com/2009-1023-885144.html

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