K++ is a loading program that works in conjunction with the fileshare program Kazaa Lite. Okay, I don't really know how that works, but it's a small program which serves to alter the splash screen a little and throw on a bunch of neat features. Namely:

  • Unlimited 'Search more' - "Surely there are more songs with 'love' in the title than that."
  • Mulitple-source downloads can come from up to 40 sources instead of 8
  • 'Find more sources' possible every 4 minutes instead of 10
  • Participation level is constant
  • DLL files no longer loaded
  • No more yellow-colored search results
  • And a bugfix or two

The K++ (or Kpp) version of Kazaa is the work of some random nut called Random Nut. You can find him and the program over at http://www.k-lite.tk

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