Also a slightly less vituperative euphemism for bitch when referring to a woman.

Apparently there is some confusion on E2 about terms for cattle, including "heifer", which Webby does not fully alleviate.

A heifer is a young cow, yes, where cow means specifically a female of the cattle species (genus Bos) and also one which has never borne a calf. Heifers are categorized separately in livestock trading, for example.

According to Numbers 19, a red heifer is required for purification and dedication of a high temple. Such an animal, which cannot be impure by so much as six discolored hairs, would be a literal holy cow.

Heif"er (?), n. [OE. hayfare, AS. he�xa0;hfore, he�xa0;fore; the second part of this word seems akin to AS. fearr bull, ox; akin to OHG. farro, G. farre, D. vaars, heifer, G. farse, and perh. to Gr. , , calf, heifer.] Zool.

A young cow.


© Webster 1913.

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