The shrink wrapped samara seeds leisurely let go of their Maple mothers to drift to the dirt in a swirly simulation of a helicopter landing. Twisting turns through the cone vortex to rest among clover and dewy grass. The bottom heavy bean cotyledon nestles to ground with hope of germination and growth.

I toss the seeds in the air to witness the natural spin of evolution present itself. These spring seeds of amusement, inspiration for Leonardo da Vinci's etchings of a flying machine. Propeller motion expanding the realm of energy, of creation.

My thoughtful youth remembers the delight of watching the erratic motion of these samaras attempting to maintain equilibrium in the chaotic free fall from an elevated point. Dropping the seeds to witness fledgling flight. Even when gravity overwhelms.

Above, in the moment of seed catching air, seemingly hovering, strobe motion time taking a break, breathing a heavy sigh. Following the tornado path to earth, the embryo finds home to shed its skin and allow the rudimentary leaf to unwrap and become.

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