Of Greece, particularly ancient and classical Greek civilization.

The name derives from 'Hellas', the Greek name for both modern and classical/ancient Greece. 'Hellas' itself probably ultimately comes from Helen, of Troy, who inspired the war that spawned many of Greece's origin myths.

In scholarly and historical terms, Helenic describes the characteristics of ancient and classical Greek civilization. A complimentary term is Hellenistic, which describes classical Greek culture disseminated throughout the Mediterranean world and beyond with Alexander the Great's conquests.

Hel*len"ic [Gr. , , fr. the Greeks.]

Of or pertaining to the Hellenes, or inhabitants of Greece; Greek; Grecian.

"The Hellenic forces."

Jowett (Thucyd. ).


© Webster 1913.

Hel*len"ic, n.

The dialect, formed with slight variations from the Attic, which prevailed among Greek writers after the time of Alexander.


© Webster 1913.

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