Dimini is a Neolithic archaeological site on the east coast of mainland Greece. It was originally known for the large Neolithic settlement (c. 4500 BCE) on the hill but is also the site of Iolkos, an ancient Mycenaean settlement.

The site offers a very comprehensive picture of the Neolithic village. Houses were built in pairs and surrounded by walls (periboloi), well organized in overall structure. Pottery remains found there date from the Late Neolithic period throughout the Hellenic era.

Excavation at Dimini began in 1901 and was directed by V. Stais and Chr. Tsountas. The Neolithic site was worked on further by G. Chourmouziadis in 1977. The tholos tomb at the Mycenaean site was excavated in 1886 by Lolling and Wolters. Further excavation of that site was continued in 1980 by V. Adrymi-Sismani and is still being worked on today.

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