Also known as Kenrou Dentsu, this is a manga written by Mamoru Oshii and illustrated by Kamui Fujiwara is a series of stories set in an alternate Japan that has a tolitarian government. This manga and two live-action films(also by Oshii) inspired the upcoming movie Jin-Roh. In fact this was originally going to be adapted into a 6 episode OVA, but gradually evolved into Jin-Roh.

Background(abridged version of summary found in manga)

After the reconstruction following WWII Japan tried to initiate programs of economic growth. These programs failed miserably causing chaos and a large number of unemployed people, who congregated in slums surrounding Tokyo. Within these slums, emerged many criminal groups and the crime rate skyrocketed. In order to stop these criminals, the government formed a new police agency to combat these groups known as the Capital Area Security Police Agency (known as CAPO in Jin-Roh)

Due to the shear force of this new Police, and the draconian policies of the government a large ant-government organization known as "The Sect" was formed. The government responded to The Sect by forming an elite group within the CAPO known as The Panzers.

Opinion/ Where to get

This manga is pretty well written. The politics are interesting, every story is tragic, and Oshii's unique style of directing shows through. My biggest problem is that the conclusion felt a bit rushed. Another problem is that most of the story was episodic and varied in quality, the best story was IMHO the first about a "Stray Dog" my least favorite was the third which was only 10 pages long. Based on what I read, the movie is probably better, because it is only one story.

It took me a while to find this, I had to get individual issues because the Trade Paperback was out of print (and probably won't be available until Jin-Roh comes to the US)

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