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The Heptathlon is a multi-event in track and field. It is only held at outdoor competitions. It is most commonly known as the women's multievent, although another version of it is used for indoor track in the NCAA track and field season.

The Heptathlon is two day event, like the Decathlon, and has a similar schedule:
First Day

  1. 100 meter hurdles
  2. high jump
  3. shot put
  4. 200 meter dash

Second Day
  1. long jump
  2. javelin
  3. 800 meter run

Scoring is done with a complicated system of tables that assign a formula to calculate the point value of the athlete's performance in each event.

World Record

Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) - 7,291 pts. , Seoul - 9/24/88

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