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An attempt to make a Role Playing Board Game. The board consisted of a generic grid with rooms. Various objects such as doors and traps could be added to make different "maps". One player would be the dungeon master and up to four other people could play the four characters (or 1 player could play all 4). The characters and monsters were all three dimensional plastic models. There were also a couple of expansion packs with more monsters and campaigns. The storylines actually weren't too bad. Other props included tables, chairs, bookcases, weapons, torture equipment, thrones, etc. The game incorporated searching the props, and searching rooms for hidden or trap doors. You kept track of your characters on paper and could use them in different campaigns. The game setup was simple enough to make your own campaigns too.

The very similar "Hero's Quest" (note addition of the possessive) was the original title for Sierra's Quest for Glory series of video games. The board game came out first and Sierra had to change the name of the software title to either avoid getting sued, or after getting sued.

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