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From director Wong Jing ("God of Gamblers", "Royal Tramp") and starring Jet Li, this movie was intended as a parody of Jackie Chan. The story centers on Kit (Jet Li) who is the bodyguard and uncredited stunt double for Frankie (Jacky Cheung), Asia's top movie star. Frankie is famous for being able to do his own stunts but the whole thing is a fraud. On top of that, he's a womanizer and a drunk which Kit has to cover up for. When some bad guys take over a high-rise building which both of them are in, Kit rushes to save the hostages and must convince Frankie to overcome his own cowardice and assist him.

Wong Jing had previously directed Jackie Chan in a movie called "City Hunter" which was based on a Japanese anime. Chan had publicly dissed the film so it's interesting to see this particular film as a pretty direct response.

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