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Ren: "See that button?" Stimpy: "yeah..." Ren: "DON'T TOUCH IT! That's the HISTORY ERASER BUTTON you fool!"
Stimpy: "What's it do?" Ren: "We don't know. Maaaaybe something bad. Maaaaybe something good! We don't know, and you are going to guard it."
Narrator: "so, can Stimpy resist pushing the big red button? the jolly candylike button?"
Stimpy: "NO I CAN'T!" (push)
(all of existence is erased)

One of the better endings of the Ren and Stimpy Show, with the ultimate button that Must Not Be Pushed; The History Eraser button apparently does just that - erases history, i.e. everything. The above is most emphatically not a direct quote from the show, but rather mangled through my memory.

And please, don't follow Stimpy's example - we don't need to push THAT button.

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