Hojicha is roasted green tea from Japan, usually made of roasted bancha leaves (Kukicha is roasted bancha twigs). The roasting brings a whole new taste to the tea, replacing the vegetative tones of standard green tea with a delicious toasty, slightly caramely flavour, somewhat reminiscent of genmai-cha. Like Oolong and Kukicha, but unlike normal green tea, Hojicha tastes great chilled.

Hojicha is very low in caffeine, so it is good for the caffeine-sensitive as well as people who want the health benefits you get from green tea but who don't like the taste (although, having said that, opinion seems to be divided on the degree to which roasting preserves said health benefits).

You may also find Hojicha written hoji cha, hoji-cha, houji cha or even houghi cha.

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