Holey Egg Bread!


  • 1 Slice of Bread
  • 2 Eggs
  • Soft Butter or Margarine
  • A Glass (preferably which the opening is no greater than 2 ¼ inches in diameter)

  • Spread butter or margarine on both sides of the bread. Use the glass to cut a hole in the center of the bread. Eat the part you cut out. Start cooking the slice of bread on low heat in a pan. After about 30 seconds crack both eggs into the hole, trying to keep as much of the egg as possible in the bread. Turn up the heat to medium. After a minute or so (or when the cooking side becomes golden-brown), flip the bread and continue to cook another minute or so.

    Season to taste (parmesan cheese is nice) and serve! Goes well with bacon or sausage.

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