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I've just spent most of the last 14 months at Uni. During the next few months (I'm not planning my exact movements any further than that), I will be spending roughly 10 days in the place that I still sort of call "home". Except it's not. I've moved out, moved on.

How did I come to this realisation?

I think I finally twigged when I realised I have much better hardware here than there. I have the cable modem (current love of my life...), I have the two systems. I have no longer any need (beyond appeasing parental units) to return to the place where I grew up. I'd like to speak briefly to my ex (at "home"), but I think I could live without that.

Darn, I'd been meaning to put off the whole "getting old" thing (not chronologically, but mentally) for a while. Oh well.

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