I have to write this one up as being just so true. The first time you find yourself in a public place working on your laptop, and the friendly little green dots of signal strength appear at the bottom of your screen, it's like...a gift, really, the best kind for being unexpected. I worked for a time near a really good diner, and would take my iBook down there to do work. Although we had an Airport (Apple's 802.11 access point) in our office, the diner was too far away to get signal there. But lo and behold, when I fired up my iBook that first time, there was a signal!

I was a tad confused, as 802.11 was still pretty new (we'd gotten one of the first Apple units, and Apple was the first retail-level provider) but here was a network. I clicked to open it, and it was named...


Perfect. Milkshakes, burgers, fries, bandwidth. What more could a chubby geek ask for? I was home.

I later found out that Zoom Telephonics was next door to the diner, and their developers liked to eat there too...so naturally...

nodeshell rescue!

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