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E2 is a wealth of information, as we all know very well. You can find anything from sexual advice to pop culture and everything in between. However, this excellent resource is somewhat limited by its delivery. In order to access the E2 database, one must be firmly planted in front of a computer with Internet access. This is a great weakness to anyone who has to go to class or sit on a plane for many hours each week. These people demand the E2 experience on the go. Therefore, I hereby propose the wireless E2 device:
  • Size
    Roughly the size of a Palm Pilot, perhaps with a larger screen. The key here is portability, it must fit in a pocket, or at least in a bag or backpack.
  • Input
    I'm thinking that speech recognition would be the coolest way to do this. This, coupled with the standard PDA touchscreen, would allow the user full access to E2. A separate keyboard attachment would be available as an option.
  • Screen Layout
    Due to the small size of the display, layout would be an important issue to address. I propose that tabs are implemented across the top of the screen that allow users to switch between Nodes, Chatterbox, New Writeups, and Epicenter. More tabs could be added in the User Settings area. The Search box would be placed at the top of the Nodes screen. Other Users would be incorporated into the Chatterbox page.
  • Internet Connection
    Something wireless (hopefully satellite) with a nationwide range. You never know if you'll need E2 while apartment searching in New York City, or skinny dipping in Alaska, so the full coverage is a must.
  • Appearance
    The wireless E2 device would be available in any color or design specified by the owner. Personallized messages would be an option as well, but I'm pretty sure the most popular one would be Don't Panic.
  • Other options
    I guess it would be useful to have e-mail access as well, a feature that probably wouldn't be too hard to implement. Also, it may be cool to have it run Palm OS and act as a PDA as well. And I guess while I'm dreaming, it might as well be a cell phone, too.

Hopefully this idea will become a reality before I go insane listening to useless academic drivel at one of America's oldest learning institutions.

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