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another question and answer write up by CrAzE

What is Hot Hot Heat?
Hot Hot Heat is an Indie Rock and Lo-Fi band. They came from Victoria, BC, Canada in the early 2000 with the Sub Pop record label. The band started to catch in america in 2002 with the release of their album Make Up The Breakdown. Hot Hot Heat uses heart on the sleeve lyrics and hard to resist melodies that any modern music lover would enjoy.

Who's in the band?
Steve Bays:       vox, keys
Paul Hawley:      drums
Dustin Hawthorne: bass
Dante Decaro:     guitar
What's their band's sound like?
Hot Hot Heat has a very bouncy beat with heart-felt lyrics. They discribe themselves as drawing influances from the classic Beatles, The Stones, and punk rock. The band can sing pretty well. They don't scream like some punk bands out there. Instead, they have a softer and more emotional sound without being emo or overly whiney. I'm not very good at disecting music like this, so I'll just say they'er worth listening to.

Album and track listings?
Of course!
Scenes One Through Thirteen 2003 (OHEV)
1: Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth
2: Word To Water++
3: Haircut Economics
4: The Case That They Gave Me
5: Paco Pena
6: Circus Maximus
7: I Blew A Fuse In My Personality
8: Tokyo Vogue++
9: Fashion Fight Pause
10: Spelling Live Backwards
11: Matador At The Door
12: Tourist In Your Own Town
13: You're Ruining It For Everyone

Make Up The Breakdown 2002 (Sub Pop)
1: Naked In The City Again
2: No, Not Now++
3: Get In Or Get Out
4: Bandages
5: Oh, Goddammit++
6: Aveda
7: This Town
8: Talk To Me, Dance With Me++
9: Save Us S.O.S.
10: In Cairo

Knock Knock Knock(EP) 2002 (Sub Pop)
1: Le Le Low
2: 5 Times Out Of 100++
3: Have A Good Sleep
4: Touch You Touch You++
5: More For Show
++ indicates CrAzE strongly suggests this song.

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