National League baseball team which came into existence in 1962, along with the New York Mets. Originally called the Houston Colt .45's, they changed their name when they moved into the Astrodome in 1965. From that point forward until the 1999 season, they were known primarily as a team which relied on great pitching, speed and defense to win ballgames as the Astrodome was the most difficult park in the major leagues to hit home runs in. In 2000, they moved to Enron Field, later renamed Minute Maid Park, an older style ballpark located in downtown Houston. Unfortunately for the 'Stros, this was a cozier park, more friendly to hitters, and thus it helped opposing teams more often than the home team.

The Astros have had very bad luck in post season play in their history as they have lost all but two post season series they have been involved in including two marathon NLCS playoffs with the 1980 Philadelphia Phillies and 1986 New York Mets, who both went on to win the World Seies in those subsequent years.

The Astros retired numbers are:

Editor's note: The Houston Astros moved to the American League in 2013. They now play in the AL West division.

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