It is interesting, but not altogether surprising, that baseball lingo has so many expressions for a home run. Arguably, no one event in a baseball game is more dramatic than the home run.

So, despite my affinity for doubles, the following are expressions for a home run:

  • homer
  • dinger (also: ding-dong)
  • tater
  • long fly
  • round tripper
  • four bagger
  • jack
  • jimmy jack (usually a three-run homer)
  • grand slam
  • upper deck shot
  • moon shot
  • clout
  • swat
  • belt
  • gopher
  • salami (or, grand salami, if a grand slam)
  • haymaker
  • rainmaker
  • money ball
  • the whole enchilada

Here are the expressions used for the act of hitting a home run or what happens to the baseball as a result of a home run:

  • went deep
  • went yard
  • launched one
  • touched them all
  • got all of it
  • jacked one
  • cranked one
  • unloaded one
  • took the pitcher deep
  • left the yard
  • outta here!
  • gone!
  • I don't think he's going catch that one!
Many thanks to kthejoker for his additions.

(Note: Please /msg me if I've left any out and you don't want to make your own w/u.)

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