A tv show from the USA Network that was on (don't know if it still is) on Friday and Saturday nights with Gilbert Godfrey and Rhonda Sheer (I think was her name) that played B-Movies. The girl was a real bimbo. But Gilbert rules.

Song, by counting crows, written by Adam Duritz. From the Hard Candy CD.

In many ways, this feels like the sequel to Round here

Round here, She's always on my mind.
Round here, (Hey man), I got lots of time.
Round here, we're never sent to bed early.
Man, nobody makes us wait.
Round here, we stay up very very very
very late.

Like round here, it is about coming to grips with the freedom to make decisions and having to accept the consequences of those choices. Duritz's singing has reminded some of us of Van Morrison previously, but rarely as strongly as in the performance. (Listen to him sing the passage that includes "into the greater grey" and think Into the mystic).

See excerpt below:

Is everybody happy now?
Is everybody clear?
We could drive out to the dunes tonight,
'cause summer's almost here.

And I've been up all night,
I might sleep all day.
Get your dreams just right
Let them slip away, I might sleep all day.

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