A physically attractive yet mentally deficient person. See also trophy wife.

A very popular Mexican brand of bread. El grupo bimbo, the third largest bakery company in the world, is omnipresent in Mexico, common throughout South America and attempting to spread to the U.S.. Apparently they own Mrs. Baird's now.

Those of you who live vaguely near the Mexican border may be aware of Bimbo, which you can find in America if you live in the right places. Check the local convenience stores. Spend enough time driving in or around Houston, and you will eventually see one of The Bimbo Trucks, little boxy econoline-sized vans with BIMBO proudly proclaimed in big red block letters on each side, along with assorted smaller bits of spanish (which i've never managed to read because i was too busy steering.) and the Bimbo mascot: an unbelievably trippy little white bear with fluttery bambi-ish eyes and a chef's hat with a red block B on it.

If anyone knows where you can get a t-shirt with the BIMBO logo and bear on it, let me know.

princess loulou says re Bimbo : This is also the largest producer of pre-packaged bread in Spain. the bread is like cotton wool, tasteless and unattractive. though the donuts (you don't get dunkin/krispy kreme over there) are really rather good. they make lots of individual cake snacks aimed at kids for after school snack. with disgusting amounts of preservatives and colouring and not to be recommended, frankly.

In Italy, bimbo is an affectionate abbreviation for bambino. Thus the common sticker in cars, Bimbo A Bordo.

So when you're carrying a baby in a backpack in Rome and the man behind you says "Bimbo," do not slap him. Just smile and let him get on with admiring your burden.

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