A Hair Metal band from the early 90s. The band was formed by Mark Slaughter (vocals) and Dana Strum (bass) who had previously played together in a band called Vinnie Vincent Invasion. To round out Slaughter they got Tim Kelly on guitar and Blas Elias on drums. The band came together in 1988 but really broke out in 1990 with their biggest hit Up All Night. After that is was all downhill for this band. While their second album still sold well they were quickly pushed out of the public eye by the 90s grunge/alternative movement. But as of this writing they are still together and still touring. Guitarist Jeff Blando joined the band after a fatal car accident involving Kelly.

I can distinctly remember hearing Up All Night and listening to their first 2 albums. I may have even owned the first one I can't remember now. They were Okay in my opinion. I was always more of a pure/speed metal fan than the pop-metal and power ballads of Slaughter and many of the other bands of the time.

Back to Reality -- CMC International Records (1999)
Eternal Live -- CMC International Records (1998)
Revolution -- CMC International Records (1997)
Fear No Evil -- CMC International Records/Ichiban (1995)
The Wild Life -- Chrysalis Records (1992)
Stick It Live -- Chrysalis Records (1990)
Stick It to Ya -- Chrysalis Records (1990)
They also had several single releases, a video or two, and a compilation "Mass Slaughter: The Best of Slaughter."

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© Webster 1913.

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