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The fifth story tells of how Eulenspiegel's mother told him to learn a trade and offered to help

Eulenspiegel's mother was happy that her son was so peacable but still told him off for not learning a trade. He remained silent when she did but that did not make her cease scolding him. Finally, Eulenspiegel said: "Dear mother, that with which one occupies himself is that of which he will have enough for a lifetime." His mother replied: "Now that I think of your words... I've had no bread in the house in four whole weeks." But Eulenspiegel replied: "That's no fitting answer to my words. A poor man with nothing to eat will fast on St. Nicholas' day too and if he does have something, then he shall eat his dinner with St. Martin. So we too shall eat."

Translator's note: Yes, some notions here are obscure and deserve a bit more research. One of St. Nicholas' miracles involved feeding the starving, while St. Martin shared with the destitute.

English translation created for E2 from the original by Hermann Bote at the German project Gutenberg.

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