"Those who don't know how to fight worry, die young."
That sentence opens this book by Dale Carnegie, which, despite its different topic, has a very similar style to How to Win Friends and Influence People. This book is not about the latest research about worry, but rather methods that worked for Dale Carnegie and people he knew. Like How To Win Friends..., this book is conversational and easy to read, using examples from people's lives, especially Dale's.

The advance centers around a few things, basically: focus on the here and now, act, don't worry about criticism, and relax. In fact, I would say that though it is not a direct focus, this book is very good at teaching you how to relax.

Do the principles contained in the book work? In my opinion, they do. The principles, like those in How to Win Friends... seem to be common sense. For instance, a few of the principles reduce to "If you are too busy to worry, you won't worry." I know from personal experience that action tends to banish worry.

Unlike How to Win Friends..., there are some definite religious overtones, particularly toward the end of the book. One of the principles, in fact, is Pray. The tones, though Judeo-Christian, can be applied to other paths. Still, it can get grating at times, and my advice is if the anecdote annoys you, don't bother reading it, since it's better to try to get the book's big picture.

If you take Dale Carnegie Training, this will be one of the books you read.

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