• Drive offensively. If you use high-powered energy weapons to vaporize all opposition on the road, you're much less likely to get into a serious accident. You will still technically be hitting the other cars, but you won't take much damage as they will have become clouds of charged particles.
  • Drink. If you drink to the point of unconsciousness before you even get your keys out, you're not driving anywhere and therefore are much less likely to get in a car accident. Very few people get into car accidents when passed out on a pool table or a friend's couch.
  • Take the bus. That way, if you get in an accident, it'll be a bus accident, not a car accident.
* Stop at stop-signs and stop-lights
* Don't follow someone one car-length behind at 75 MPH
* Don't change lanes without looking
* Do pay attention to what you're doing
* Be courteous, but not paranoid
* During rush-hour, don't be overly courteous, or everyone within ten miles will try to cut you off at once.
* Lastly, please, please, please don't let an infinite number of monkeys drive your car!
With the weather in Toronto being like it is recently (with lots of snow), I see so many drivers in deep trouble. (Pun intended.)

Being smart in prevention is the best way to not getting yourself into an accident. This comes with a little story:

I was driving on the 427 North yesterday making my way to the 407 off/on ramp. I was going at a reasonable speed behind a Ford F-150 pickup truck and a trailered dump truck. The mist from both vehicles were almost blinding, so I let myself drift back a little. As the ramp approaches, the F-150 decides to try to pass the longer, bigger dump truck (to the right side of the dump truck). At the same time, an aggressive airport-limousine cuts in front of me and puts himself beside the dump truck as well. I flash my highbeams at him as if to say, "You idiot!" As we all get onto the off-ramp, the F-150 noticed something was wrong. The off-ramp was only half-plowed making only one lane available!
All of a sudden, I see the F150 trying to brake and swerve away from the snow and the truck at the same time. But it was too late. The snow was closing on his right side too fast and he couldn't swerve into the truck beside him. So he decided to ram into the snow to slow himself down altogether. At the same time, with the limo driver right behind the F-150, he too was trapped by the dump-truck and could not escape the snow in time. The limo then slid into the snow sideways and stopped meters behind the F-150. Having left lots of room between them and me, I slowed down and passed them ever-so-casually. (I'm glad no one got hurt, but it serves them right to be such idiots on the road.) I then imagined how scary it was for the passengers of the limo.

Here are some prevention techniques you can use to avoid accidents: (disclaimer applies here)

1. If you are near any size truck, either pass the truck or let it go ahead of you. Staying beside it will only trap yourself from falling trailer cargo or other obstacles.
2. Remain calm at every situation. Most of the time, quick, forced reactions may get you into trouble (especially on slippery roads) more than if you just remained calm and reacted in a calculated manner.
3. Leave lots of room in front of your car. You should leave about 2 or more seconds between you and the car in front of you. When a driver cuts in front of you, adjust your distance accordingly.
4. Know the pace of traffic. Don't be the one going too fast or even being annoying slow on the road. I've seen many drivers who ignore the traffic speed and annoy the hell out of everyone.
5. Practice safety first. If it's not safe to do a certain action, then don't even think of executing it. (i.e. If you want to speed, make certain there's room for it.)
6. Be assertive, not aggressive nor passive. Insecure drivers should not be on the roads.
7. Know what vehicles (even make and model if you can) are around you - especially behind you. I've had an instance where an out-of-control Dodge Ram pickup almost rammed into me on my 8-o'clock. I swerved just in time because I was looking at my mirrors.

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