Are you tired of being fragged by a Nazi idiot who just jumps around with a machine gun like a deranged kangaroo on speed? Do you like to win games by getting loads of frags without dying every 5 minutes? Then being a sniper is for you! This guide is specifically written for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, but the techniques will work in most games.

Basic Tactics

The most important thing to do when you’re a sniper is to have your back covered. Make sure you are either with your team of machine gun kangaroos (they will protect you from other kangaroos) or in a position easily defensible by yourself. If you're by yourself, a good thing is to walk. In most all games, walking will make you completely silent. So when you are sniping you can hear kangaroos approaching you, and point at the door to kill them. Headphones are a must for this tactic. Get a good set of headphones ($40 or so is fine); this way you will be able to hear footsteps more easily, but you will also be able to hear where it's coming from. Get a high speed internet connection. Join games with a ping of 50 or below. It’s very hard to snipe in a game when it takes a second for the server to figure out you fired and your bullets always whiz past the back of people’s heads.

Sniper Positions

The best sniper is worthless if he can’t see any targets or gets killed from behind all the time, so listen up. Don’t ever get the single tallest spot in the level. Most games don’t have a sun glare, so sniping upwards is just as easy as sniping downwards, except most kangaroos and other snipers just don’t look on the ground as much as they do inside a 1/2 destroyed building or other tall things. Make sure your position has cover from at least 3 sides, so that if there is another sniper shooting at you, you can get out of his field of view when you reload. If there is another sniper shooting at you, you probley know where he is. Don’t pop out of your same window and shoot at him, his crosshairs are waiting there. A better idea would be to leave the room and shoot him from a different one, or at least peek out of a different window.

Sniper Rifles

In mohaa, as in most games, the sniper rifles have a small clip (5) and have at least a second delay between shots. On the upside, sniper rifles usually kill with one shot. Don’t bother aiming for the head, because this is a super powerful gun and hitting them in the chest will kill them about 90% of the time anyway. Sniper rifles work at close range. If you are in a hallway, switching between sniper spots, keep your rifle out, it’s a lot better than your non-primary weapon (colt .45 vs. machine gun kangaroo, I don’t think that’s a good idea) always walk towards doors or corners, because if someone pops out, you have a good chance of shooting them before they can react. If you run into a machine gun kangaroo, take a tip from his book, move around. Your gun isn’t fast enough to sit still and shoot. Aim well; you only have a few shots before he kills you.


Ah yes, finally here it is, the Shooting guide. You must determine how your game works with shooting. In mohaa, you have to shoot at someone to hit them. In No One Lives Forever, you have to shoot in front of someone who is moving, maybe the bullets in that game travel slower or something. Don’t stay zoomed in all the time. This is very important. If you’re always zoomed, odds are you can’t see the whole view from your window at once. This is bad, because you can’t see those nazis sitting around just waiting to snipe you, but taking 10 seconds to line up. When you’re at a window, always move. It will give away your position, but most snipers would have found you in there anyway, and moving around gives you the added advantage of being really hard to hit. Only stop right when you can line up the shot, don’t sit still and take 5 seconds or more to line it up, another sniper will have killed you.

Easy Targets

Kangaroos are hard to hit, unless they are bouncing in your direction, in which case, shoot. The single easiest targets are (other) newbie snipers. These people will stay still when aiming. Shoot at their heads, you have plenty of time and it makes you look good. If you’re not moving around, even sidestepping back and forth for 5 feet, you might as well shoot yourself because you are still. I cannot put enough emphasis in this, KEEP MOVING, or you will be a very easy target. If you have read this guide, and are not moving, I will personally join whatever game you're in so I can personally kill you.


Now, if you follow all my instructions carefully, you are on you way to killing many without getting hurt at all. In summary, find cover and use it. Sidestep out in the open, look around, move back. This goes along with ALWAYS BE MOVING. Your sniper rifle is preferable to whatever your secondary weapon is, so keep it out when you’re moving in hallways. That’s about all I can think of, so if you have anything to add, /msg me and I will. Enjoy your sniping and the best of luck to you!

Sniper Handbook by Hyane

First of all, this is a handbook for gaming. I don't know if you can use this in real-life but lets just leave that for the army boys, shall we?

I don't about you but I'm not one of those people who can jump into a gunfight, automatics a-blazing, and expect to come out alive. So instead I used my brain and deceided to become a sniper and this worked to great avail because in one of those gunfights I mentioned above, the victor can be rewarded by a bullet to his head from god-knows-where and no way of retaliation, to much of their frustration. If that has got you interested, read on.

You might expect snipers to be a one-man job and more often than not, most people head off alone but i find that in a team the sniper can have different roles. the sniper has a greater range and fields of vision and can scout ahead of the team of gunslingers, especially good if you can talk to your people. Rule: Scouting equals walk. A sniper works better when he camps but unless its life threatening, don't run/ walk. Running makes you stand out as much as wearing a clown suit would so obviously don't do it. A sniper can take out one man with no problem maybe even two but anymore than that and you need back-up. Or if you're team is losing a gunfight, the sniper is great for defence. Just find a long alley or something and tell you're men to retreat. If they're followed you can pick the opposition off one by one. And of course you can also take part in the gunfight yourself but just be careful who you shoot. That could be you're own guys out there.

Now for the "I work alone" people a few points you might want to remember.

. WATCH YOUR AMMO. Most snipers rifles have less ammo per clip than a pistol while automatics just laugh at us. That's why we get more damage. so reload before a fight cause your a sitting duck during one. Believe me!

DON'T ALWAYS STAY ZOOMED IN THE SCOPE. That limits your field of vision and thats just stupid and suicidal.

PAY ATTENTION TO NOISE. You're a sniper. More often then not you wil be still and therefore dead silent. Get good speakers and it save your life a few times. (tell your team-mates to say if thay're coming).

STAY VERY STILL. A sniper is at his best when camping and the human eye is attracted by movement so only move if you have a shot. If your still enough, people will mistake you for dead. It has happened!

FIND A GOOD SNIPING POINT. Preferably with an opening to snipe and an entrance. I know that might seem like a cage but unless they can get you with grenades, it is easily defended. If you have a really good one and you don't want to waste if, especialy in call of duty- stupid kill-cam. Then use it to spot only and kill elsewhere after spotting.

FLUSH THEM If you have a person pinned down and they are hiding behind something, use a frag grenade to MAKE them move, hopefully for a good kill shot.

SEE IT, SHOOT IT. In most games, a toe, finger or hip can be as good as a head shot so if you see it ...

FREAK THEM OUT. If you play with people often enough they might anticipate you then use good old reverse-pyschology, i.e. instead of camping far away, camp near. Instead of going to the highest point in the map, you can stay ground level (thankfully there is no sun glare). It should help.

AMBUSH. Control the enemy.You are a sniper, if you shoot somebody to the left of a group often then not, thet will go right and vice-versa. With a team, it is Deadly

BIG TARGET. If he's moving,don't go for style and headshots. The torso is the sure thing so unless you want to wait till he stops, aim for his torso.

As this is really long and I still have more guidelines, so I'll see how this does and go from there.

Sniper a.k.a. Long Gunner

The term sniper supposedly got its roots from 18th century British Army officers, who tested their marksmanship skills on the small birds called snipes.

Just as important as marksmanship, a good sniper must have superb patience and observational skills. In the book Inside Delta Force, by CSM Eric L. Haney (ret.), Sergeant Major Haney goes in-depth into the things that he learned while in the Operator Training Course.

"We do more observing and reporting than we do shooting- so perhaps we would be better called 'observer-reporters' than 'snipers'." - The sniper has special abilities, training, and equipment. His job is to deliver discriminatory, highly accurate rifle fire against enemy targets that cannot be engaged successfully by the regular rifleman because of range, size, location, fleeting nature, or visibility. Sniping requires the development of basic infantry skills to a high degree of perfection. A sniper's training incorporates a wide variety of subjects designed to increase his value as a force multiplier and to ensure his survival on the Battlefield. The art of sniping requires learning and repetitiously practicing these skills until mastered. A sniper must be highly trained in long range rifle marksmanship and field craft skills to ensure maximum effective engagements with minimum risk.

The fundamentals of sniper tactics, besides marksmanship, is observation. Snipers, skilled in stealth, are often employed to serve in an overwatch position during most military operations.

A Sergeant First Class I met at Fort Bragg was a sniper in his Cavalry company in Iraq. They recieved reports that local militants were training would-be insurgents on how to operate various weapons in a field in the city. "Jake the Snake" and his observer crept up near the field, into an abandoned building adjacent to the field, a few hundred meters away. Meanwhile, a fire team took up positions perpendicular to his line of sight, outside the field. He watched for hours in the blistering desert heat, waiting for the insurgents to show up. Just as he and his observer were about to pack up, Jake saw the men walking onto the field. A fairly decent sized group formed, and the men talked and laughed completely unaware that a few hundred meters away a man stood watching their every facial expression. You see, over this course of time, a sniper will become very close with his target. He can see everything through the scope of the weapon. A few minutes later, the group forms up, and the leader begins talking to them. As he's talking, he picks up what appeared to be an RPG-7. Jake took aim center mass, and fired. By the time he chambered the next round, and got back down on his scope, the 240B fire team had opened fire and was already converging on the group of former insurgents. Not one body stirred. "They were stone dead, not even moving. And it only took me a second or two to chamber another round, and by that time the 240-team was already on their way to check the bodies."

Also, as equally important, is what type of rifle and ammunition you use. Each different round has a different ranges and velocities, meaning where one round might penetrate a person's skull at 300m, a different round might penetrate clean through, and through the person behind him as well.


An sniper-observer team may lie in wait for days, waiting on targets to enter his area. The team has to deal with drowsiness and fatigue, and not just of the body. The eyes, in particular, will become fatigued after looking through a scope for so long. In addition, certain techniques are taught to sniper-observers to deal with discomfort. SGM Haney claimed he was taught how to warm independent fingers or toes while laying still, just by concentrating.

Psychological Factors

A few of the problems that may arise. Texas Tower Syndrome, or the overwhelming feeling of power that one might get from taking a life so decisively. Many snipers have claimed to feel this little tug at the back of their mind. The other is called Munich Massacre Syndrome - or the inability to take said target's life once the sniper-observer has become so personal with his target. (Inside Delta Force, 115)

In short, being a sniper is not all glamour and glory and honor. It takes a certain type of person to come out on top of the mess. "Jake" was the kind of guy that could kill a man and not think twice about it, but really a nice guy. SGM Haney often speaks of his regrets at what he had to do, but I doubt he would take it back.

The US Army Sniper School, at Fort Benning, trains soldiers on the use of the M24 Sniper Weapon System. Students must be able to hit targets consistently at 600m. Training also includes the .50 caliber Barret Anti-Materiel Sniper Rifle. Students must be able to observe small targets hung in trees at great distances, and one test requires the student to find a single object in a field through his scope.

The sniper's motto - One Shot, One Kill

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