It is really quite easy.

You pick out the set(s) you want. Carry them to the checkout queue and pay for them.

Apparently, some people feel shame or embarassment when buying things at the store. Why? Are the people at the store our judges? I think not. Buy what you want. As long as you pay for it, the workers at the store aren't going to care one bit what you're buying. Honest. I used to work in retail, and after a bit, you just want the people to buy their things and get the hell out.

There can be no shame when buying Lego. It's the perfect toy. Lego Zen shall soon follow.

To get an extra kick out of buying Lego when you're over twice the suggested age, follow this procedure:

  1. Go into the toy store and walk up to the Lego shelf.
  2. Wait until a little kid comes up to the shelf.
  3. Watch the kid carefully considering which set he should spend his hard earned money on.
  4. Pick out three sets right in front of the kid.
  5. Watch his shock and jealousy. Enjoy the moment.
  6. Slowly walk to the counter and pay for your sets.

It's actually pretty easy.

1. When you pick the kit(s) out that you want, try not to hide them, but put them in the cart/basket and try not to pay too much attention to them.

2. When you go to the check-out and if someone questions you, mention that they're for you child or grandchild, and use incorrect terminology. (For example say 'building blocks', 'Mega Blocks', 'Legos', or pretend not to be very knowledgeable about them in general.)

3. Enjoy at Home. Don't open it right away, or get too excited while you're at the store.

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