There a few steps to catch a Lasagna.

1. Make a Lasagna. You might need to learn How to make a Lasagna, first.

2. Secrete the Lasagna about your house.

3. Ensure that no obese orange cats are about. They may devour your Lasagna. If one is, act with extreme prejudice.

4. Get roaring drunk. This will enable you to forget where you put it.

5. Fetch a net, a spear, and some fine brandy. Change into a grass skirt. This helps.

6. While running about the house screaming authentic hunting cries, try to spear the Lasagna. You should not succeed, due to being roaring drunk.

7. Eventually, you should, in fact, find and kill the Lasagna. This done, eat it.

8. Make sure to destroy the evidence.

Congratulations, you just hunted a Lasagna!

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