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It was late, I was sitting on the recliner, drumming my fingers on the arm impatiently. The clocks ticks and tocks echoed hollowly across the room. The sinking in my stomach worsened.
Then, dancing across the roof, sneaking above the curtains was the light from the wagon's headlights as it pulled into the drive.
I readjusted myself and sat up in my chair, looking over towards the door.
I could barely hear her steps as she slunk up the entry way. I knew that she felt bad and was hoping I was sleeping, or in the garage, or anything besides in the lounge room waiting.
Her keys jingled in the lock and the door slowly creaked open.
"Evening." I said, briskly.
She paused, there was rustling, then she stepped through the door empty handed.
"Hello dear. How are you?" She returned.
I sighed, looking her up and down, then sunk back in the chair and turned away from her.
"I don't recall ever buying you that necklace."
There was no reply.
"Also, you reek of perfume."
She sighed and stepped forward, that is where I cut her off.
"So, where were you? Hm?"
She stopped, mid step.
"I was at City Mall." She admitted, quietly.
Then another murmur.
"... Again."
I took a deep breath in and sat, as the ticks and tocks of the clock, now not hollow, but deadened by her presence, worked their way into my head. A car rumbled down the road and off into the distance.
I cleared my throat and continued,
"The bags are just outside the door, aren't they? My card is in your wallet, and the bags are outside the fucking door. Aren't they? Well, why don't you put my card on the table, go get your bags, put them back in the car and drive yourself off of a bridge?"
So that she did.

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