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There is an art in making a disgustingly cute face that will guarantee at least a kiss or hug. After doing extensive testing, I've found that there are a few basic parts to the perfect ice-meltingly cute expression.

1. First, release the tension in the muscles on the side of your mouth. If you look in a mirror and notice that the sides of your mouth seem slightly upturned, then let go of the muscles there. Notice how your mouth staightens and flattens. This adds that "I wuv you" effect.
2. Tense the muscles on your forehead and between your eyebrows ever so slightly. This is best practiced in a mirror so as to get the perfect upper-face positioning.
3. Open your eyes slightly wider. This gives the doey eyed Bambi appearence.
4. Last, and perhaps most importantly, cock your head to the side. This sells the whole thing. If you're ready to go pro, also tilt your head slightly downward, but maintain eye contact, so as to give the looking up ashamedly "Did I do that?" impression.

There you go. A very basic guide. Practice makes perfect, so get a mirror out and go at it. If this doesn't get you at least a little action, then you need help.

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