1. Find a society where there are very strong social repercussions among all classes and races when it comes to violence against women.
  2. Fill in three decades of nonsense about the following concepts: Oppression, sexism, discrimination.
  3. Make sure the unemployment rate among working-class young men is higher than that among college-educated women.
  4. Throw in some militant feminism which laughs in the face of concepts such as chivalry and the use of the word lady.
  5. Add the suggestion that if you say a woman might not be able to do everything a man does, you have committed heresy.
  6. Include a general acceptance of bastardy where young men have no role models for how a man should treat a woman.
  7. Don't forget this ingredient! Get some black music on the TV and radio where any sense of decency or courtesy are made fun of as "acting white."
  8. Make the acceptable terms for women bitch and whore.
  9. Be sure that the entertainment industry has taken the edge off of any thing resembling good taste by showing you every form of violence and ugliness they can sell.
  10. Give the participants video cameras.
  11. Season with a bunch of alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine.

You'll wind up with human nature at its worst, as a bunch of hooligans do what they would do in a Clockwork Orange world: Defile women in gangs and laugh their asses off about it.

Chairman Mao said, "There is no such thing as human nature." I would beg to differ.

Book 'im Danno!

Point 2: Is it nonsense that there was oppression, discrimination, etc., for all these years, or have these aforementioned ills been stated wrongly? And what does it have to do with a bunch of fucked-up, horny boys?

Point 4: What does feminism, a word that you have already proven you don't understand, have to do with a bunch of fucked-up, horny boys? Didn't Burgess write A Clockwork Orange long before the celebrity status of the Friedans, Greers, and Steinems of this world? If Burgess could conceive of and write it, don't you think such behavior as what was exhibited during the National Puerto Rican Day Parade existed long before the term "wilding" was coined?

Point 7: You'd be surprised at how much black music populates your own favorites, though I'll bet it's black music played by caucasians. Never in my life have I heard The Mighty Clouds of Joy equated with sexual assault.

You've only made one good point: blame the parents, if any, that raised these scum. Blame the general lack of morals and chivalry -- something, again, that long predates any of the vapor-ills you outline. Blame Rudy Giuliani for making the honest mistake of telling the cops to hang loose, a) because the parade was supposed to be a party, and b) because Hizzoner's trying to shake the "Mussolini" tag in his kinder/gentler, post-cancer, post-adultery, prepare-for-re-election mode of late.

I'm reminded of the 1994 Congressional campaign in the US. Newt Gingrich was often obsessively on-message, blaming every ill imaginable on "those feminists" and "the failed Liberal Democrat policies of the last 30 years", and other such blather. Newt even found a way to tie Susan Smith's drowning of her two kids in South Carolina with "those failed Liberal Democrat" blah blah blah. I would often joke, back then, that someone's hangnail, head cold, or burnt toast was the fault of them damn liberals.

I'm disappointed to find anyone try to match Newt in obfuscation. Please find a better role model. As Michael Stanley Dukakis liked to say during the '88 campaign, quoting some old Greek proverb, "a fish rots from its head on down", or some such thing; if society's rotting, it's starting from the head -- lying politicians, amoral entertainment moguls who value the almighty dollar over anything, and Plush Windbags who combine the traits of both. And from the heads of the households that spawned these fucked-up, horny boys.

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