In the bad old days of the early nineties in New York City there was a practice among certain young and fucked up men of surrounding and molesting young girls in one of the lukewarm piss filled public pools that the city ran to keep the youth man dem from getting unruly. The press got ahold of the fact that they called this whirlpooling and a summertime headline frenzy was born. In typical New Yorkian fashion the city was totally unable to stop this from happening and while it was statistically rare due to the size of the city for the whole summer we were treated to at least twice weekly reports of this primitive bullshit. The Mayors office with typical David Dinkins incompetence (nice guy, piss poor mayor) created a hand wringing PR campaign to try to convince these little proto frat boys to stop treating women like animals. There was a TV commercial campaign and buttons were handed out (I still have mine). The buttons said:

Whirlpool Ain’t Cool
Don’t Diss Your Sis

Shockingly enough these slogans failed to win the hearts and minds of the offending youth and whirlpooling continued on to greater or lesser degrees until it got too cold to go swimming. Now I hate Rudy Guiliani a whole bunch. But he would have stopped this shit post haste with cops and task forces and the kind of smarmy condescending brutality that this behavior called for. Sometimes it’s really hard to be a knee jerk liberal kids, it really is.

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