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First, review what the DMCA is.

I have two separate strategies to offer. My first strategy is to blame everything on script kiddies. My second strategy is to abuse fair use.

The Script Kiddy Method
We all know that script kiddies like to deface websites. We all know how good they are at finding new ways to circumvent security measures. Damn those script kiddies! Damn them! Why won't they leave us alone? They're so damned good at replacing my totally innocuous and non-infringing web content with the full text of the Church of Scientology's copyrighted documents! Damn them! And my logs show nothing, and my ISP can't figure out how they keep breaking in to do this.

Maybe if we call in the FBI and the local district attorney we can enter all of the content of my webpage into the public record as part of a case to try prosecuting the culprit. If you're trying to put up stuff about the Church of Scientology, it might be a good idea to suggest that the hacker's IRC nickname might be Xenu, since that name keeps popping up. You're just a clueless webmaster, so you don't know who Xenu is. Right?

The whole thing should become very reminiscent of a Monty Python sketch if done right. Those horrible, horrible, nasty, nasty hackers! Oh no! Not again! Where is all this crap about Xenu coming from, anyways?

The Fair Use Method (Or Fair Abuse?)
I cannot copy another person's work word for word. But, I can quote a line or two and add some commentary. I can go to a forum on a website and quote the first line and make some comments about it. My friend can then respond saying that my comments were right on, and that I just reminded him of an idea he had about the second line of the work, which he'll quote as a reference for his idea. Oh, this is cool...another friend of ours likes our ideas, and has been inspired to share her feelings on the third line which she'll quote. Enough friends, enough commentary, and a long enough forum should get the whole thing covered eventually. Right?

Think of the old shampoo commercial: "I told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on and so on..."

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