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The Human Factor is a philosophy states anything created by us humans, or any action or reaction thereof, is a direct consequence of our most powerful emotions and natural instincts, such as fear, greed, lust, and others.

This idea is usually the bane of many other great ideas and concepts that fail. We as humans succumb to our own natural flaws in accomplishing things, nor do we do the most logical thing.

A good example of this would be socialism, in theory a perfectly good economical system. Everyone puts in the same amount of work and gets paid accordingly. However, we as humans tend to be lazy, what would be the incentive for that lost cargo the truck driver spilled on the highway? He must first turn around, get out and re-load and index it all, thus causing him to be late for the local football match. He is going to get paid the same as it is anyway, so what if a few pounds of grain is lost?

In theory, tax is a direct result of The Human Factor as well. If the doctors worked for free to provide a nation with full health care coverage, and say billed a patient who was a grocer, he or his practice in theory could get food for a set period of time. However, to provide for health care most governments must tax us.

Humans by nature are Capitalists, driven by greed, lust, wealth, and power. Hence every nation and society has very, very wealthy people and very, very poor people.

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