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A set of standards created by our cultural ego, dictating the way of life and what is the norm. This ethos works for some, and not for others. It goes a little something like this:

Normality and conformity are what's best for everyone.

If someone is different, it must be because they're inferior, not becuase they choose to live their own life or are incapable of such acts.

Society's Disease is the reason for the creation of the illuminati set of beliefs. Think about it.

The most effective person is the one who can avoid conflict and still get what they want, typically through subtle manipulation tactics (aka a Communications Degree)

Capitalism is the cause of the current state of society's disease.

By human nature alone, if everyone could fit in and be accepted, they would...but they can't (How many of you in your iconoclastic ways secretly wish you could be a social elite? C'mon now, be honest!)

Look around, examples of this disease are all around you. It's in the highschools, it's in the PTA, it's in the water, and best of all, no own acknowledges it's exsistance

But then again, this is just my opinion.

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