Hungarians not only have birthdays, but name days as well!

Birthdays are usually celebrated just in immediate family.

Name days, however are widely known and celebrated. Each acceptable first name is assigned to one or more days of the calendar, based on religious traditions, historical events, birthday of a famous person who had the same first name, or on other facts.

Well, in Hungary there are official first names to choose from, - but this is really a big list with almost all of the names that would be a real choice in a Hungarian family. But typically Hungarian parents will choose a first name from that list to name their child.

Name days are celebrated in work places, among friends and - of course - in the family. People usually give flowers, dessert or small gifts as present. There are smaller or larger parties to celebrate this day, it is as big as a celebration as a birthday is in the US

On a day with a popular name you can see people with flowers on the streets, on buses, actually everywhere.

I have a calendar with the names, if you would like to know your name day /msg me and I'll look it up - but some names may not be on it due to being 'Americanized,' but I'll let you know either way if I can find it or not.

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