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Hello, my name is Marlo
And I'm aware that we've never met,
But I don't want to blow this one chance
To face fear and regret.
I am lazy and crazy, a 1988 baby,
Alone and unknown, but not the least bit shady.
Your eyes are like sunshine, your smile's dynamite,
Your dreamy voice could lull kittens to sleep at night.
I sing to you this way
In gratitude, but then also to say:
Will you go out on the town with me?
For just an hour or maybe even 3?
I know you are busy
And touring other cities
So I guess I'll see you in Indy.
Oh, yes, I'll see you in Indy.
I'm a college grad and I used to drive a cab,
You kill It with those drunsticks and seem totally rad.
I sing karaoke despite my anxiety,
You should come with me so we can sing some Coheed.
We'll walk the canal, revel likes and dislikes,
Colour chalk sidewalks, or just ride bikes.
I may be a nobody and you may be a star,
But catch my Orbit and we'll see who we are.
Repeat chorus
Hopefully, with Tyler's permission, I'll see you in Indy.

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