During a game of Warcraft II, pressing enter, typing disco, and pressing enter again caused a secret track on the game's CD to play. A secret, silly song in the same vein as "I'm A Medieval Man" can be heard in Blizzard Entertainment's Starcraft by using the code "Radio Free Zerg" in the same manner. "I'm A Medieval Man" is a pretty amusing, disco-esque collection of sound clips from the game. There is now an mp3 of it available at Blizzard Entertainment's website, if anyone would like to hear it but doesn't have the game disc. The music was created by Gregory Alper and arranged by Glenn Stafford. All the voices were done by Bill Roper.

The song originally appeared on the 1995 release of the game but most of the samples were created a year earlier for use in Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, the first game of the series. The samples "what do you want" and "why do you keep touching me" are both said by various humans in the game after being continuously clicked on but given no orders. "In the age of chaos two factions battled for dominance" and "welcome to world of warcraft" are both from Warcraft's introduction.

Using the code to play this track would replace the player's rank with "Cheater!" instead of whatever had been earned at that point, since disco was considered a cheat code. I'm not sure about the Battle.net Edition of the game that was released a few years later but the original version of the game's expansion, Beyond the Dark Portal, didn't contain this track on the disc. Using disco with the expansion CD in didn't do anything (but the game still called the player a "Cheater!")

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