A mediocre game famous for its sequel, Warcraft II, the classic realtime strategy game by Blizzard. You play as humans or orcs (who were almost identical except for graphics and Bloodlust) and beat the living hell out of each other. Currently surpassed by Starcraft, which requires a little more strategy and a lot more CPU speed.

War1 was fun but not classic material ... it improved on Dune 2 technically but still had sucky multiplayer (daemons daemons !) Its sequel, Warcraft II, is imho the best strategy game of all time, because of it's very fast paced, attack oriented play that was lost in SC. In War2 the attacker was almost always in the stronger position because of peon death and bloodlust. Like Starcraft it also has an enormous skill curve. However, it's plagued by minor deficiencies like archers.

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