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宮本 茂

Born in Kyoto Japan on November 16th 1952, Shigeru Miyamoto was the first person to really push video game design into something magical. An art school graduate, he was Nintendo’s first staff artist but worked in the game design department on various things. The first big success he was part of with Nintendo was Donkey Kong in 1981. For me, and most others, the big big first thing he did was oversee the creation of Super Mario Brothers. A game that had a scrolling screen. A game that had secrets in it. Each world was different. Other games might have had these three elements all at once before, but never so well done.

In 1984 Shigeru got a creative team called Joho Kaihatsu to work underneath him and they came up with the Mario games (Super Mario came out in 1985) but they also started The Legend of Zelda games. Another big step forward, this time the world felt more like a world and the secrets were more fantastic. After this he shot through the ranks of Nintendo and started to be a part of most of the in-house games and console design. When Super Mario 64 came out, that was it. If there was ever a question who the best game designer ever was it was now over. This game came out to showcase the Nintendo 64's power and it was the best game that for that system until Zelda 64, another Miyamoto game, arrived a few years later. He is still the main guy behind the creative direction of Nintendo.

"Video Games are bad for you? That's what they said about Rock 'n Roll."

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