Breathing life into stone.

Once a long time ago, there was a instrumentalist named Imnotsure that worked playing his songs in the kings court, in a small village north of the witches ridge. Imnotsure was a very timid creature that had little faith in his abilities, but still played his handcrafted instruments exceptionally well. The king and queen were overjoyed every time he would perform for them.

One dark and gloomy day, the evil witch Skepticism came down from the ridge, as she had before, to wreak havoc on the little village near the castle. Imnotsure was sitting on his carved entry step putting the final touches on a new stringed instrument as Skepticism approached. Immediately she identified him as her next victim and approached him in gait. "What are you doing here? " said the witch. Imnotsure was afraid to speak so he ignored her and went about polishing his new instrument. Unfortunately this gave Skepticism a good reason to occupy Imnotsure's happy day.

Without any response, Skepticism turned his whole family into stone and wickedly charged, "If you want your family back to normal, you will have to breath life into stone!!". This made Imnotsure very unhappy, as he knew that there was no way to breath life into stone and his family would be lost forever.

By now many of the village people were gathering about Imnotsure and his stone family. So Skepticism lingered waiting for Imnotsure to do his deed. All of the people said he could do this if he put all of his heart into it and cheered him on, but Imnotsure was demoralized by Skepticism and new he should give up trying and retreat with Skepticism at his back.

At that very sad moment he walked over to his instrument and began to play a melody that emanated from his heart and soul from the deep loss of his family. The crowd shed tears as he played his poignant notes and began to sing in mourning of his loss and sadness.

At that very moment his family turned from stone back to flesh. The crowd gasp in awe of the event that had just taken place. The wicked witch was furious having lost her spell and left in a huff back to the ridge.

Now Imnotsure had seen the power of his music and the emotion that others felt when he played, and he was sure that Skepticism would never enter into his life again.

The moral of the story is, I never let skepticism interfere with music or family, even when I'm not sure others like it or them as well as I do.

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