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New Delhi can get so romantic in the evenings, one can almost ignore the dust and pollution. Connaught Palace gets lit all over, and a faint breeze starts flowing more often than not.

But then again, a lot depends on one's state of mind too. I've never found Delhi this heartwarming before. I am with Suneeta this evening. For the last time before we get engaged. Tomorrow we'll get engaged and then I'll fly back to US in another two days. In a few months I'll be coming back again and we'll get married.

The things have a way of getting sorted automatically. Life has a way with destiny, and at times it does get better. There are times when you do get thankful to Gods, however agnostic you believe yourselves to be.

"We may not get to talk face-to-face alone again for a long time now Suneeta", I start by saying. We are sitting in a coffee house in the inner circle of Connaught Palace. "If there's anything besides what you know about me and want to ask, you should now. Or if there's anything you want to say..."

Suneeta looks at me, in the eyes - it melts me. What did I ever do right to end up with this girl? Where was she all this time?

"Mmmm...well I like you already and will marry you in any case", she says, "but there are things I want to ask - only because I'm curious."

Her words make me happy, I turn a little mellow. "Go ahead - ask me. I'll answer honestly", I foolishly promise.

"Honestly?", She asks.

"That's what you wanted to ask? 'Honestly?'", I try to look genuine and tease her.

Suneeta squints her eyes and tilts her head, "Leave it to you to twist my words. No I wanted to ask something else."

"Okay", I chuckle, "I'm just giving you a hard time - ask me ... what do you want to know? I'll tell you everything."

"You told me you were seeing this girl in US ... So ... Are You Still A Virgin?", she asks me.

I'm dumb all of a sudden. She's definitely not the kind of girl my mother was when she was her age. Her spark and confidence is what I love so much ... and that's exactly what is turning into my doom.

She's looking straight in my eyes. I've just promised her honesty. I don't want to lose this girl for anything in the world. And I don't want to lie to her. But I also don't want to be too honest to her lest it changes the way she looks at me.

How much honestly is too much in this case? I ask myself. Mabel was a mistake, I wish it had never happened.

Would I want to know if she's a virgin? Would I be fine with the fact that she's not? Specially if she lost it to this guy she keeps mentioning every other time. My mind starts racing. A lie or the risk?

Life also has a way of getting difficult...within minutes...doesn't it?

You gave me wings when you showed me the birds

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