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I knew everything about you, once.
You used to let me in all your thoughts and wonders of the world.
Things were different back then, we were close.
But it's true, and you know it. At least, I think you do. You did, once.
My life has lead me a million different directions these last few years.
And yours has lead you a million other.
But I don't understand how you could change so quickly.
I know I've changed, quite a lot. But I feel better for it.
I'm not so sure about you, though. You don't seem like yourself.
You've grown too fast and too bitter.
What did life do to you after you left?
Or did leaving do all of this?
What I think I'm trying to get to is, we were friends.
We were too young to be anything else, dating wasn't cool yet.
But I look back now, I think about who we were and who we wanted to be.
And I realise, that once, I loved you.
We were close.
But now you're gone, far away.
Not just in distance, but within yourself.
It was always going to end this way, but I didn't want to realise that, now.
Not this long after, I didn't want to realise now that I loved you.
That the girl I loved isn't really here anymore.
Luckily for me, you've long forgotten.
So here I am now, with nothing more to add.

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