The feeling that I get as I read more and more about the history and culture of China and Japan.

The history and acomplishment of these great nations is something that I am rather envious of. Truly I am an American, of such varied ethnic background that I can not truly identify with just one (ethnicly I'm Italian, Native American (Cherokee), Jewish, Scottish, Irish, English and French, that's in order by "percentage"). I guess it's a quest for some sort of cultural purity. "American" culture (or lack thereof) dissapoints me, and European culture is somewhat embarassing, and still no where near as ancient. I guess I could go the Italian route (percentage-wise I'm 25% Italian) and go on about the glory of Rome, but somehow I just seem to identify more with Asian culture. I like the food, the value system of these ancient cultures. Even the women are more appealing to me.

It's not that I'm ashamed of who I am, or what I am, perhaps it's just a "grass is greener" syndrome. I just feel at times as though I was born in the wrong hemisphere.

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