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The inagural speech given by pres. George Bushgave quite a few things to think about. He repeated the word "citizen", with a general feeling that everyone, reguardless of race, creed or religion, is a citizen of this great American nation. But he didn't mention gender preference. In fact, Bush wants to deny the basic human right of marraige between homosexual couples. I'm a bisexual. If I'm in love with a person of my gender, I want to marry them!

Perhaps the reasoning for this is the rejection of the idea that there is anything but sex drawing two people of the same gender together. Maybe straight people want to think that they aren't really in love, they just want to have sex, sex and more sex. If that's at all true, I don't mean to insinuate that all straight people think so- but enough do to make it pretty darned hard for any of us to get married in most states, except Vermont and I think Hawaii. I'm a citizen too. I pay my taxes and I do jury duty and I obey the laws.

So... what haven't I done to earn the sacred right to marry? I know it's a title and a tax break, but it's so much more than that. It's a public declaration of love, trust and faith in "trying to make it work". It's a ring on your finger, a feather in your cap and a person there by your side.

So, I think that if black people are allowed to vote, and women are allowed to earn as much as a man, we of the "alternative genger preferances" should be allowed the same human rights. We are citizens too.

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